Publisher / Client: Mibo

Product Website: https://getmibo.com/

Platforms:  Browser

Role: Part time 3d Game Art, Technical Artist, Concepting, Art direction consult

Mibo is an online video meeting / team building tool. The thing that sets it apart from products like Zoom is that it's an actual virtual world with activities, games etc. Mibo creates a sense of place which makes you feel like being at a real life social gathering.

I've been helping Mibo out in a part time capacity for about 2 years, since when they just started. Making impact where and when it made sense. I made various 3d models and environments, made concept art for the meeting rooms and activities, wrote shaders (fountains, water, shadows) and made a style guide to help bring some consistency to the asset library.



Note: Unstructured w.i.p. art dump below. Still need to sort through the material some day.