Kunai Art Dump

Kunai art dump

If you've stumbled into this page you either did so by accident or you want to see more of KUNAI.

If the last option is the case, get ready to scroll, because I've got a lot. On this page you'll find a little bit of everything I did for KUNAI.

Yes that's me in that picture, working diligently on one of the tile sets for the game.


mockups and tilesets

Concept art

The main character started out as a rather anonymous robot with a single eye sensor. Definitely not as charismatic as Tabby the tablet faced ninja robot.

What happened to JetBrainz?

This robot has been used a lot in early press releases and promo material. However it never ended up in the game 😀

It looked friggin' badass though, so we kept using the art wherever possible.


early mockups