Flying towards the horizon

Flying towards the horizon

November 18, 2020


The year is nearing its end and covid is still here. Which is alright with me, I’m at home working on Mighty Goose anyway. I hope you folks are all doing fine as well, depending on where you live it may or may not affect your life a lot more. I've read some good things about vaccines lately, let's hope we can get some of that good stuff soon. 🙂

As I mentioned, the work continues. Currently I’m basically in the finishing up stages of Mighty Goose. All upgrades and secondary weapons are in. The secret/bonus content is almost done and the last companion character will soon be added to the game. Additionally I’m fleshing out a ‘new game plus’ experience which allows players to replay the game in a brutally difficult way.

With the intro text out of the way, it's time for...

A timelapse

Yes my desk is a mess. I have a talent to cover every surface in my house with crap. My desk is no exception.

It's not all impractical stuff though. I use my pencils, pens and sketchbooks on a regular basis and seeing my consoles and toys genuinely cheers me up!

This recording is actually from a few months ago, but I never uploaded it anywhere. Here you can see me working on one of the bad guys vehicles of the game. A jet for Raven.

So, finishing up?

Anyone who’s kept an eye on Cyberpunk 2077 knows that those finishing up stages can be quite deceiving. So I’m looking towards the future with caution, but the game is getting there! The game texts have been ‘locked in’ for translating and the testing crew from Gears for Breakfast is hunting for bugs. 

Today I played the game a bit without actually trying to test something and I can honestly say I had fun. I like my own game and I’m really happy I can say that. I hope everyone else will feel so as well. 

When is the game coming out? Still can't say. 2021 is all you're going to get here.

Meanwhile in China

In light of other people playing, the game was recently featured at the Playism booth at Weplay Shanghai. Yes, an actual game event! While we have to miss out on Gamescom, GDC, Pax, etc. Game events in China are apparently okay!

Beyond the horizon

Okay so the Mighty Goose horizon is in sight. But what's next? It's always tempting to start thinking about new projects, especially during the final stages of your current thing. And yes, there are new things on my mind. But absolutely also post-release content for Mighty Goose.

When Mighty Goose is released I'm planning on supporting the game at a 100% capacity for a while. What that means is, I'll spend all my time working on patches and post release content. What will that content look like? Currently I'm thinking of making a very unique mission. A bigger Metroidvania style mission that kind of mixes up the standard gameplay. The idea is to make Mighty Goose visit an aquatic world where a new vehicle, the submarine, plays a big role. It's just a vague idea at this point, but I really like the idea of putting the goose in some kind of semi-persistent level which has some exploration elements. It sounds rather ambitious and it might even be DLC worthy, we'll have to see. The bottom line is, I'm not done with Mighty Goose just yet 😀

Over time I'll be scaling those Mighty Goose activities down a bit and start prototyping something new. Of course I have some ideas lined up, but it's way too early to share anything.

In closing

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the Mighty Goose status update. Sorry to not dive into the specifics of development. This phase mainly has a ton of small things to do, so covering all of those changes would take hours of work.

As always a very special super thank you for the kind people supporting me on Patreon. I've got some catching up to do on making patron illustrations for the hall of fame, but I'll just keep postponing that until Mighty Goose is done I think :'D

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Mighty Goose development update

Mighty Goose development update

Hey there Patrons! About time I hit you with a development update. The last few weeks I've really been hitting the gas on development speed. Certain life events had slowed me down a bit the weeks before. These things happen, but I was still pretty bummed out because I hadn't been working on the game that much. Now things are running smoothly again and I'm really happy about that!

What also really helps is that there is now an official deadline for the game! 👀 Yes. I can't share what that date is yet, but it's safe to say I'll be working very hard this coming period.

But let's not dwell on that for too long, time to update you with some actual information 🙂

Behold! The 4th version of the Mighty Goose logo. Most likely this is the final iteration! I always felt the logo lacked some polish and could use a bit more personality. But most of all, someone said the goose in the previous version looked like a bunny! And it was kind of true. So I paid specific attention to the little head at the top and I think it came out looking pretty comical. Anyway, say hello to the new logo!


Cinematics have been on my mind for a long time. They are an excellent tool to tie the loose ends of the game experience together. For Mighty Goose I'm using a mix of in-game and prerendered cinematics. While in-game cinematics have their own unique charm, but they are cumbersome to make if you want to do complex stuff. At TurtleBlaze we chose a similar approach with KUNAI.

To be honest I also really like compositing these little animation clips. Frame elements are drawn in Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop and then composited in Adobe After Effects or Blender.

The benefit of compositing I can also use gameplay recordings and do magic trickery with them. This gives the clips a nice semi-in-game look!

This scene in particular shows another bounty hunter bird, Raven. Hired by the Void King to assassinate Mighty Goose. Quite a mission impossible, but he'll be trying to kill you in any case 🙂


Working on the armory

It's about time the Armory became a little more functional. Well I've actually been adding a load of dummy objects, but the UI is functional! It also isn't very pretty yet 😅

Companion dummy menu


Website w.i.p.

Yes. There I said it. I like making websites. Here's a little sneak peak at the w.i.p! The domain is but you won't find anything there yet 😉

I've been mostly working out what I want to display and how I want to show it. Most likely it's going to be a fancy version of whatever the steam page is going to be.



No this isn't a spinoff game. For the final mission I'm making a Starfox inspired intro sequence. It won't be that long and is mostly just a fun little nod towards a great classic.


The final stage of the game will be a mission to invade the flying fortress KOLOS1 and deal with the Void King. To make this experience extra cool I thought it would be great to make the final approach a special event. This Stargoose sequence is just a short part of the experience however. After getting in range the Goosejet is deployed for another shmup level.


Final Approach

Here's a w.i.p of the Goosejet final approach segment. Massive hunks of metal in the background, this industrial / docking bay style area should feel BIG. The scale of this flying fortress is emphasized by huge backgrounds and special approach experience.




A lot has been happening lately. Too much to write down! I just want to say, good things are on the horizon. But also a mountain of work still needs to be done, which is no problem because I love it! I just want to end with saying your support is and has been greatly appreciated. Also of those who have donated in the past! I don't have quite as much time to write lengthy Patreon posts as I did when I launched my Patreon. But I also know your support is not to get exclusive content or whatever. It's genuine support, and I love that.

In closing, I'll leave you with the latest w.i.p. track from Dominic. Have a great day!


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blog time

Blog time

It's time for a blog on! Because I can!

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