Sea Sniffers

Suddenly and out of nowhere a steam page has appeared for Sea Sniffers! Go and wishlist it now! HERE ON STEAM

What is this game anyway? It's a fishing rpg with a casual approach. I've long wanted to make such a game. Something that just offers a relaxing experience with low stakes. I haven't been talking about it a lot though. I remember shouting Mighty Goose from the mountain tops! There are multiple reasons for that, one of them being that Mighty Goose was also a cry for freedom. I was stuck in my job and needed an outlet.

One of the other reasons for being more quiet about the development of Sea Sniffers, is that life has thrown me a curveball. One of my dearest loved ones has passed away this year. The time leading up to this event has been an absolute hell. I can't describe it any other way than that. During that time I have lost my passion to create. Literally months went by when I didn't have the drive to do anything. Things are pretty okay right now, but I have had some perspective changes. Work is not the most important thing in the world. Leading to...

Whatever happened to Mighty Goose 2? PixelBasher? Simply put, they are on hold. I have to be honest with myself. I was trying to do too much. Doing 10 projects at the same time is a classic indie dev meme. It's not healthy! I'm still figuring this out though. Let's just say I'm re-evaluating my work-life balance.

But enough about that, let's talk about Sea Sniffers.


Sea Sniffers started because of a gamedev contest. I believe somewhere in 2022 Bandai Namco started an indie collective known as GYAAR Studio. And the end of the year they hosted a contest with actual funding prizes. Because I was lurking on the Dutch Game Dev Slack, I caught wind of this contest. It was a bit late in the contest though, so we had to do a little game jam in order to submit something. We may have had a small success with Mighty Goose, but still the prospect of $$$ got us worked up like hyperactive hamsters. If you've been struggling with money in any point in your life you might know the feeling. We took a concept from my old itch page, Bob & Dob. The fishing game. What if we turned that into a full blown fishing rpg? That became the pitch for Sea Sniffers.

So we actually won one of the prizes! Funding wow! Ofc this means also checking in with the GYAAR team, doing milestone meetings etc. Now you could say we are locked in on Sea Sniffers.

Ambitions for the game

We want to make a fishing game where the game world is more than just 'the fishing screen'. So we are making a fishing game where you can move your boat, dock it, step out, go into shops, talk to people, etc. There are stories to be told here. Fishing is an adventure!

The fishing aspect itself is more like an exploration game. Because in Sea Sniffers, you directly control the lure so to speak. Your pet seal is cast into the water, after which you assume control. Yes you can catch fish, but the focus is discovery, and journeying into the deep unknown.

What is a Sea Sniffer?

Sea Sniffers are individuals who work together with trained animals to explore the sea, do research and help with preservation of natural habitats. Kind of like what a park ranger does for national state parks! Sea Sniffers also help local inhabitants out with any sea related problems. If there is a crab infestation on a seaweed farm, a Sea Sniffer might be called out to see what can be done.

In this game the player takes control of a young Sea Sniffer that is just starting out. Eventually you'll be entrusted to solve a big mystery! Ofc, the newbie gets the biggest and most exciting job. That makes total sense in game-land. 😉

The game is now on Steam. We can start harvesting wishlists. This is important. For the concept know as 'the algorithm'!

With Twitter changing to X I have noticed my reach has roughly halved. I'm not the only one that noticed. It sucks to see we are at the mercy of algorithms! It has sparked some thoughts on how I should have diversified my presence online. I'm only really active on X and I think that needs to change. Not sure how to proceed here yet, because all that social media takes time. I guess that's one of the reasons I started getting some output on this blog again, just to get that part of the brain active again. A bit of a tangent this, but it does affect the success of Sea Sniffers, and future games!

Keep your eyes out for more Sea Sniffers and more Blastmode content! For more info about Sea Sniffers, please check out the Steam page or the Sea Sniffers website!